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Lone Star Guide EZ Holder

Gear is made in special small batches only.  Everything is made by hand (my hand), and currently I'm focused on the guided trips and some personal adventures.  Apologies for the inconvenience.


Holder only 

Generation 3 is even stronger and works with more stringers.  Now made from aerospace grade aluminum.

shipping 1-2 weeks.

will work with most cable style stringers that have a spike less than 5" long and cable less than .350" thick.

Simplify your fishing with the original Lone Star Gear EZ holder.  Easy one-handed operation to attach and remove the stringer makes wade fishing easier.  Never again loose that trophy Trout or Redfish because you can't get your stringer untied.  Swivel clip is designed to make attaching to person or boat easy.  Detectable float with loop hook. Nothing on the market comes close to this, you won't be disappointed.  

Please check out our blog to learn why the LSG is so unique and see exactly what goes into making them.  Lone Star Guide | Why we build the best wade and kayak fishing stringer

Ships ~1 week.

Fishing stringers are a great way to keep fish alive and fresh while on the water.  Please only string fish you that are legal and you attend to keep.  We recommend always following the law and only keeping what you are going to eat.  Fresh fish is always better than frozen.

Not intended as a toy or for children.  Please do not attach to anything that could result in damage, injury, or drowning.