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Galveston, TX e-Guide by LoneStarGuide [2017-07-12]

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  • Galveston
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  • TX

  • GPS Waypoint 1

    Description 1

    Get out of the boat and start shuffling to this cove. Be watching the shore line, on a high tide fish can be deep in the grass or at the very back of the cove. Slow retrieve with either soft plastic or top water works the best. Keep working the area until the wind picks up or you stop seeing tails.




    GPS Waypoint 2

    Description 2

    As the wind picks up it will start blowing bait this way. Watch the calf deep water for signs of fish. Be careful of the old cattle fence in the water and do not go ashore as that is private property.




    GPS Waypoint 3

    Description 3

    As the tails star disappearing the fish will move to 1-1.5' of water off this point. Use your one knocker top water off the shore line here or keep with a paddle tail. Once you catch a fish don't be afraid to post up and work that area as new fish will keep coming in.



    Put in at Fat Boy's and head straight to the spot but wait for good daylight to travel. Greens can be tricky to navigate and requires a shallow draft boat. This is the perfect time of year to find reds head down and tail up in the mud. Sometimes these fish can be hard to walk up on so be patient and let them come to you. Slow retrieve with a one knocker top water or chartreuse paddle tail works the best. As always be safe on the water, be kind to your fellow angler, and keep Texas wild.
    Strong two tide day coming in on the high tide SSW wind 5-10 mph Partly cloudy with the pressure steady
    20' Gulf Coast 10' draft floating 6-8" running Conventional rod and reel Light wading gear (LSG wade box, stringer, boga/pliers float) One knocker spook bone and silver top waters DSL chartreuse paddle tails
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