How come there is a limit to the number of guides that can be purchased?

We limit most guides to 10 or 20 purchases so spots don't get too crowded.

If I buy a guide will I catch a limit of fish?

Not necessarily because successful trips are not based on limits, but rather venturing to a new spot that has the highest potential for quality fish under recent and relevant conditions..

How do I pick out the right guide?

Look at the tags under each guide for the area, species, and method you are seeking. Please don’t buy a kayak guide if you are looking for a boat guide and vise versa. Also make sure you buy the appropriate style of boat guide, i.e. shallow draft or bay boat.

What is a shallow draft boat?

Generally a boat that can get up in 12” or less of water on a hard bottom, float in 10” and run in 8”.

What is a bay boat?

Generally a boat that can run and get up in 18” of water.

Can I share the guides?

We encourage everyone to visit and enjoy all the wild and natural places of Texas, of course you can bring friends. It’s not cool (or legal) to distribute copyrighted material.

What if someone else is in one of the spots?

Each guide is set up to give multiple spots, techniques you can apply to nearby areas, or techniques to work with other anglers (drift fishing). Always be friendly and maintain proper distances for fishing. It’s going to take a collective effort to keep our bays, lakes, and rivers open to the public and thriving. More people getting to experience the outdoors in a positive way will mean more people with vested interest in taking care of them. Use each guide as a learning aid and you should always have a positive experience.

Should I rely on the GPS tracks for navigation?

No. Also for safe measure, no. Use the guide as a baseline for plotting your own course. Make sure you never trespass on private property or other areas off limits. Condition change daily, check your surroundings.

What if I don’t catch fish?

Fishing is hard and can take a lifetime to master, even we get skunked frequently. The guides are built to give the most up-to-date information of where and how to catch fish.

Are there refunds?

Due to the nature of the information we are not giving refunds. Please remember that almost all the money goes to support local guides, the environment, and the local economy.

I’m a local expert and am passionate about getting people outdoors, how do I become a guide?

Contact us here: link.