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Handmade in Texas From the hand-turned spike made by a retired Navy vet, a virtually indestructible cable, the safety-looped float that won't lose tonight's dinner, and the EZ-Holder with shark-release; we build these to meet our demands for fishing.  LSG stringers are made to embody our style of fishing, a style that expects more from less and the ability to focus solely on the fish. We have never really fit the mold of the average angler on the Texas coast.  Never once did we desire for the fastest boat, a flashy jersey full of sponsors, or our name on the...

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@tx_travis -

This isn't sponsored content, Captain Jarrett Ledger is one of the OG testers of the original Lone Star Gear stringer EZ holder, and more importantly an excellent angler.  He guides fishing and hunting trips from Rockport to Baffin and West Galveston Bay.  Practically any style of fishing is fine with him, but his main stay is wade fishing for trophy speckled trout and redfish (probably why we get along so well). I was fortunate enough to tag along on a recent trip with him to test some of our new GPX functionality on the LSG e-guides. Watching how much work he puts...

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@tx_travis, Fishing Guide -

The Guts at San Luis Pass From Galveston or Surfside, fishing San Luis Pass for Speckled Trout, Redfish, and Flounder is a must for anyone spending time on the upper Texas coast.  At the guts wade, kayak, or drift fishing from a boat routinely produces trophy class game fish in west bay with fresh inflow from the Gulf of Mexico.  On high tide this inflow will produce water so beautiful most people won't believe it, until they see it in person.    Getting to the Guts is an easy run from the San Luis Pass County Park for any bay...

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@tx_travis, Explore Texas -

Off on a whim in the truck camper we had what was the most spectacular two-day adventure yet.  McKinney Falls State Park in Austin is one of Texas' many natural treasures.  Super easy to get to from Houston, San Antonio, Dallas or anywhere in between.  At the park you will find two sets of waterfalls with plenty of room to swim, Old Baldy the giant cypress tree, an ancient rock shelter, and plenty of hiking, biking, fishing. After a lazy breakfast we loaded our 3 year old up in the truck and left Houston at about 9:00 am and getting...

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@lonestarMB, Explore Texas -

"I feel it is our responsibility to cherish and respect these waters we have. They are not gift, they were hard earned by generations before us and we must respect that."

Matt Barrere talks about what it means to him, being a public water owner.

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