When San Luis Pass Goes Tropical

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When San Luis Pass Goes Tropical

It's not everyday you can see blue water from the beaches of Galveston but when you do you better take advantage of it.  Still being pre-beach season I couldn't think of a better time to just enjoy it with the family.  The NE wind topping out around 10 mph had the surf flat, the water clear, and with temps in the upper 70's you really felt tropical.  

We got to the pass just before lunch and had no problem finding a space to set up camp.  The sand was still hard and very easy to drive even without 4wd.

It's pretty hard for me to resist but I didn't even bother to wet a line, I just set back and enjoyed the view.  

It was even easier to just relax as plenty of waders and boats were confirming my suspensions that the trout are still few and far between. 

With the water so flat I can't think of a reason why it would be necessary to burn the shoreline like that, but those waders seemed like good sports and the boats leave just as fast as they come probably without notice from the fish.  I figure the trout fishing in the surf is going to turn hot at anytime now so this is probably my last chance for a full day relaxing in the beach chair.  

We did do a little exploring and Catherine got to see her first "seashell with a flower on it."

On the other side of the beach we got to check out the dunes. I'm always taken back by the wonders kids can find in the smallest things, without her I would definitely miss natures finer details.

Mainly because the west-end grass fire had most of my attention.

Even with natural wonder all around us and space to do almost anything, most of our time was spent at the waters edge building sand castles (different mediums of course).  

Don't wait for the temperatures to sore, go experience the many Beaches of the upper Texas coast now. Lastly, if you would like to promote Texas beaches and waterways check out our gear HERE.

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