Matagorda - Big Beach, Big Fish, and Big Wind

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Matagorda - Big Beach, Big Fish, and Big Wind

Everyone knows, you can catch big trout in the springtime, it's just the lovely Texas weather that stays unpredictable. This last Friday was no exception with winds shifting from the SE to ENE at a sustained 15-25 mph all day.  Normally this wouldn't be too enticing but with a wild hair and our need for adventure we concocted a plan to leave the boat, leave the kayaks, and just go for the old-fashion walk-in trip down the south shore line of East Matagorda Bay.

We set out of Houston pretty early that morning for the day trip to Matagorda Beach, normally we don't venture this far for day trips, so naturally our good spirits were weening by the time we hit the coast. This changed suddenly when our tires hit the sand and that just now peaking over the horizon sun was revealing 20 miles of empty Matagorda beach. 

If our day had ended here it would have been a success.  However the day went on and we poked along down the beach (if you would like more info on the truck and camper just let me know in the comments) until the sand started getting a little softer than we were comfortable with.  At that point we turned towards the bay, through the dune cut, and started heading to the fishing hole.  The scenery changed on that two rut road and it wasn't beyond us to stop and take a moment to enjoy the blooming prickly pear.

We snapped a picture, swatted some Texas sized mosquitoes and decided it was time to get in the water.  Pulling up to our spot we saw a boat and a couple waders where we thought we wanted to go a couple hundred yards off the shore. This didn't really bother us though, we have been doing this long enough to know there is plenty of area to work closer to the shore and closer to where we parked. 

Matt always gets the jump on me since I'm the one lugging the camera gear around, but before he set off we game-planned to work the shore line of a small cut, check a couple drains, then with the wind at our back walk out from the shoreline, through the mud, to fish the edge of the first patch of sea grass.  The latter step turned out to be the real winner.   With that ENE wind at 20 mph all the good bait was being blown from the drains and big trout where hiding in the grass using that edge as their killing field.  

We got so side tracked catching, admiring, photoing, and releasing the fat mama trout that we let another wader get around us to "that spot" we thought we wanted to fish.  This shows that preconceived notions lose their relevancy when you get in the water, always pay attention and seek out the finer details of what's around you.

With some great trout caught, released, and logged forever in our memories it was time to head back and make good on the date night we promised our wives.  Even then it's hard to get in a hurry with Texas' natural beauty out every window.

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  • Jose C

    Awesome. Beautiful scenery and fish. Great guide trips and gear for making some memories of my own!

  • Maggie Connell

    Beautiful pictures and an awesome adventure! I’ve never been to Matagorda beach but I think I’ll add it to my list of places to venture!

  • Eva B.

    Awesome truck camper! And great pics.

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