Lone Star Guide | Why we build the best wade and kayak fishing stringer

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Lone Star Guide | Why we build the best wade and kayak fishing stringer

Handmade in Texas

From the hand-turned spike made by a retired Navy vet, a virtually indestructible cable, the safety-looped float that won't lose tonight's dinner, and the EZ-Holder with shark-release; we build these to meet our demands for fishing.  LSG stringers are made to embody our style of fishing, a style that expects more from less and the ability to focus solely on the fish.

We have never really fit the mold of the average angler on the Texas coast.  Never once did we desire for the fastest boat, a flashy jersey full of sponsors, or our name on the leader board of a tournament; our desire was for wild adventure. This desire has led us to put priority on the experience, and the natural beauty that surrounds.

LSG stringers are just as unique as we are.

When searching for a vendor to make the metal spike we knew that oversea's manufacturing would not suffice, so we started looking a major U.S. manufacture, but even this did not feel right.  It wasn't until we stumbled across a retired Navy vet that set us on the right course.  He kindly explained, in a voice that didn’t beg to question, why more expensive brass was the material of choice.  Ever since, we could't be happier with the hand polished and hand turned stringer spikes.

Lone star gear stringer spike 

Will never brake

For the cordage we knew we wanted something that would never break, and allow even the most snaggley-tooth speckled trout to slide off at ease.  Whether a limit of speckled tout, Redfish, or flounder rest assured it's easy to remove fish via the spike end or the detachable float.

 Surf trout on lone star guide gear stringer

Detachable quick-release float

While we normally only keep what we will eat that day, we do understand that most don't get to spend as much time on the water as we do and may want to keep a little coastal goodness in the freezer.  For this reason (and easy storage) we implemented the safety loop on the float. There isn't an official rating on what the loop can handle, but it's definitely more that one person can carry. 

Lone Star Guide full stringer of trout

EZ-Holder with shark release makes one-handed operation a breeze

Lastly, and arguably the most important piece, is the EZ-Holder. We designed the EZ-Holder to simplify fishing.  Nothing we have found can get us on fish faster and with less effort.  The EZ-Holder clips to nearly anything and keeps the stinger in one small contained package, out of the way, until you are ready to deploy. This is a big advantage because the less time you spend messing with your gear the more time you spend getting on fish.  Not to mention that it only takes one hand to remove the spike and reinsert after stringing your keeper, so no more tying knots to your belt loops.  If you fish where the tax man (sharks) frequents, then rest assured that the stringer is easy to release even under tension.  Check out our very first video here for a demonstration.  

Lone Star Guide stinger, EZ holder, boga and pliers float

Public Water Ownership

Remember, it's up to all of us to keep and preserve public waters.  Please be responsible and take action to promote the re-vitalization of our bay systems.  Being able to enjoy a healthy and sustainable food source is not something to take for granted.  If you like what we are doing please support us by visiting our online store, or sporting the Public Water Owner shirts and decals. We greatly appreciate the word-of-mouth referrals and social media sharing.  

As always, we love to know what you think, so don't be shy.

Link to purchase: LSG Fishing Stringer and EZ Holder

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  • Matthew Bettinger

    “Will never brake” . , BREAK.

  • Adam Beasley

    Love the LSG stringer. Great quality and early to use.

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