Lone Star Guide: Captain Jarrett Ledger Guide Service

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Lone Star Guide: Captain Jarrett Ledger Guide Service

This isn't sponsored content, Captain Jarrett Ledger is one of the OG testers of the original Lone Star Gear stringer EZ holder, and more importantly an excellent angler.  He guides fishing and hunting trips from Rockport to Baffin and West Galveston Bay.  Practically any style of fishing is fine with him, but his main stay is wade fishing for trophy speckled trout and redfish (probably why we get along so well).

I was fortunate enough to tag along on a recent trip with him to test some of our new GPX functionality on the LSG e-guides. Watching how much work he puts in making sure his clients, no mater the skill level, have a great time compelled me write this blog.

After leaving Captain Marks Bastrop Marina, where we secured some live bait for his two clients, we set off to find the fish. I was particularly excited because, for one of his clients, this was his first ever fishing trip.  There are not many better feelings then getting to share a great Texas landscape with someone for the first time. 

Arriving at the first fishing hole, we once again went over a few safety protocols, and then wasted no time getting in the water.  From here it was strategy and tactics with some exceptional fishing gear, all provided by the Captain. 

It was a little slow in the morning, but that gave the group plenty of time to get the basics of casting, bait placement, setting the hook, and handling fish down before fishing really heated up.  With high tide rolling in and that beautiful blue-green gulf water filling west bay, it was on.  

*Capt Jarrett showing off his H&H get bent shirt with a bent rod

Pretty exceptional for the first time fishing.

Ending the day with gorgeous water and a huge stringer of fish is simply Amazing.  Along the entire Texas coast we have so much wild and wonder I hope everyone gets a chance to experience it.  If you would like to go out with Captain Jarrett Ledger and experience some of Texas' best offering go to his Facebook page or give him a call at 281.914.8320.

As always thanks for reading and if you have any questions don't be shy.

Travis Power - Lone Star Guide - Instagram @lonestarguide 

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  • John

    We fished with him this weekend. He was TERRIFIC! Taught my 11 year old daughter wade fishing techniques and tactics and she landed her 1st 2 trout and redfish. Love your stringer and belt clip/holder he used and am ordering at least one set now. Might need to order 3. As now my youngest son and I have a new tag along, in my youngest daughter who the Cpt helped me “set the hook” on her for wade fishing!

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