Guided Trip | Learn to Wade in East Matagorda Bay

Guided Trip | Learn to Wade in East Matagorda Bay

There is no better way to learn the Texas coast than wade fishing, in fact that's how I learned and continue to learn.  That being said, it's no doubt overwhelming and can even be out-right dangerous to the inexperienced.  Learn-to-wade guided trips are a great way to expand on your current fishing abilities.

Each trip is designed per the angler(s) with two major goals in mind: First is to come away with real spots you will be able to access for future fishing tips, and two, to gain the knowledge and confidence to seek out new areas up and down the coast.

If you are up for it these trips can be tough though, as it will not be like most guide trips where the guide does everything except reel in the fish.  On this one in particular we waded about 500 yards through knee deep mud, though that was quickly forgotten when the client saw 100's of redfish trapped in 4"s of water.  

 Either way don't be scared, every trip can be as easy or difficult as we want, but they are always a great time.

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