Galveston - Solo Surf Trip, Quick and Successful

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Galveston - Solo Surf Trip, Quick and Successful

Texas surf fishing is really heating up.  Knowing we are on the cusp of hot days and warms waters, I headed down to the coast, and was not disappointed. My mission was a quick trip where I could catch large speckled trout on topwaters.  

The surf was sub one foot and the water sandy on the shore quickly turning to a pretty green at about the third or fourth bar. Water temp was low or mid 70's and totally bearable without waders. 

Getting to the beach a little later than normal, the sun was already lighting up the sky, I wasted no time in grabbing my LSG wade box and throwing the trusty black and chartreuse top dog in the first gut. This was to no avail, so I stepped out  a little further started throwing in-between the second and third sandbar.  Still nothing and I was starting to get frustrated as more waders were showing up and swimming out the the third bar. This is where I took a moment, stopped casting and just observed my surroundings. Hearing the faint and occasional pops of specks hitting bait on top, I switch to a smaller, silver and chartreuse, she dog topwater, and on the second cast it was on!

Needless to say I was breaking necks of all the waders who walked past heading to deeper water when I pulled 3 24-26" trout out in less than 30 minutes. Nature always reminds me, that if you don't stop and listen to her you won't be successful in the outdoors.

Growing up fishing Galveston beaches I almost always target the first and second guts, hardly ever going out to the third bar. This just seems to be where I'm most successful and where topwaters get more action. Every year I feel like a lot of people pass up quality fish heading to the deepest water they can stand in. 

Here you can see one angler standing in the second gut and one on the third bar. I caught all of my fish throwing to the third bar and retrieving over the second gut, while standing in about knee/lower thigh deep water.

I didn't stay long as I already had tonight's dinner on the stringer (we don't freeze fish anymore) and plans with the family for lunch. Galveston surf fishing is on and I hope to see everyone on the water with the LSG stringers ;)

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PS - If you are wondering why I brought the truck camper on such a short trip, it was to test the new air suspension. The test didn't go well....

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