Fishing "The Guts" at San Luis Pass, Texas

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Fishing "The Guts" at San Luis Pass, Texas

The Guts at San Luis Pass

From Galveston or Surfside, fishing San Luis Pass for Speckled Trout, Redfish, and Flounder is a must for anyone spending time on the upper Texas coast.  At the guts wade, kayak, or drift fishing from a boat routinely produces trophy class game fish in west bay with fresh inflow from the Gulf of Mexico.  On high tide this inflow will produce water so beautiful most people won't believe it, until they see it in person. 

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Getting to the Guts is an easy run from the San Luis Pass County Park for any bay boat and most kayakers can access the guts from the Galveston Island side.  This area is very well known for it's deadly and ever changing currents so careful attention must be paid and always use coast guard approved safety systems.  Also it is now illegal to enter the water by foot in certain areas.  

Once getting to the guts I like to look for slicks, or active bait before deciding exactly were to start my wade.  All types of fish can be seen (yes the water is often that clear) running through the guts so make sure to take your time and be observant.  I have often seen huge sharks, sea turtles, rays, jacks and even the occasional tarpon run these guts.  With the lure of open gulf waters right around the corner, fishing here is nothing short of an adventure.

All the details of how to catch fish here, what to look for, even a GPX track of where to run your boat can be found on our online e-guide here.  If you love the public water of Texas as much as we do please go to our store and use code PUBLICWATEROWNER to get a decal and help spread the message that Texans plan to keep their public water for hunting and fishing.

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  • Toni Eudaley

    I am looking for a bay guide. I will be staying at the San Luis County rv park over Labor Day weekend and will have my 16 ft. Mako fishing boat. I want to hire a guide for Sat. morning Aug. 31st to meet us there and just take the boat out and show us the bay for a couple of hours. I will be willing to pay for services. We won’t be fishing just learning to navigate the bay around the area. My phone number is 281-948-8364.

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