Couples Trip | Exploring the Grass Flats with Schools of Redfish

Couples Trip | Exploring the Grass Flats with Schools of Redfish

When Hannah grew up she never really fished, or was really not even exposed to any type of fishing other than a cane pole at grandpa's house.  This all changed after we had kids, I'm not sure happened, but ever since we have both been focused on exploring and sharing the outdoors with them.  Anyhow, and as all anglers know, fishing is a passion that grows quickly and hers followed suit.  It wasn't long before she was wading and exploring grass flats right beside me.   

This is where things got interesting, and on a whim she decided to make an Instagram page for fun with some of her fishing photos.  We both knew bikinis and boats are a popular subject on IG, but we had no idea the number of adventurous women who were learn and explore the Texas coast.

Both of us being business minded, this set us on a crash course for building out the absolute best fishing trips with the new, female angler in mind.  As with any new venture this led to lots of learning and some lessons learned, but it's been absolutely worth it. 

On one our our first trips, the wind laying down, and we had those low summertime tides we get every year in July.  I had a perfect plan to go way into a back lake where I knew some redfish were trapped, but I hadn't considered one thing.... knee deep mud.  It took about 10 minutes and 10 feet out of the boat for me to realized that bringing a first time angler to wade through knee deep mud is not a smart or even feasible idea (yes I know, very obvious now).  back on the boat I tried the trolling motor, but water levels were just too low to move around.  Defeated we retreated back to the main bay, specifically to a sandy spot between two grass flats where I figured we could all get out and re-group.

Something amazing happened here, the girls were out of the boat, drink in hand just exploring and having fun in the clear water when I noticed schools of redfish traveling between the two grass flats.  I grabs a couple rods, and our wade kits and before they could even turn around I was hooked up.  Hannah then took up the charge with the other rod and we got this brand new, female angler on her first redfish.  Not just a redfish on the end of a pole, but wading while sight casting to schooling redfish.  

We have learned a lot since focusing on these trips and it fits perfectly with my style of fishing and it's a ton of fun.  If you are interested in something like this just use the contact link to reach out and we can plan the prefect trip.


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